Bluewater Lake State Park New Mexico Drone Video

A state park and lake all to myself

On a recent rural land real estate shoot just west of Grants, I was able to take a detour to nearby Bluewater Lake State Park in a semi-official capacity, as the client wanted drone video of the lake to include with the property drone video. I had never even heard of this state park until I got this photo job neighboring it. In satellite view on Google Maps it did not look that impressive. However, my impression was instantly changed upon driving up, and essentially being able to drive right to the very edge of the lake itself! As you can see, the lake’s name is indeed apt, as its water is a deep blue. And, the park was entirely empty. I had it all to myself to enjoy for nearly an hour. Well, there were a lot of prairie dogs around, and some cows in the distance, but I do not mind animal friends for company. This is another hidden gem that is a short escape from Albuquerque. I highly recommend checking it out, especially on a weekday afternoon when it might be empty!

Aerial Drone Photo of Bluewater Lake in New Mexico

Views from Bluewater Lake State Park