Bisti Badlands New Mexico True Landscape HDR Photography

The alien landscape of Bisti Badlands in New Mexico

Bisti Badlands for New Mexico True Explorers

Truly in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, but it has to be somewhere, so it is in the northwest of the state, Bisti Badlands hides itself to all but those willing to leave behind civilization to set foot on it. No amenities, no paths, Bisti Badlands just exists. If you have the vehicle and the desert exploring skills to get into it, the rewards can be seen in the photos below. The rock formations in both macro and micro view are equally odd.

For an amazing combo New Mexico True experience, visit nearby Shiprock as well. Staying in Farmington, NM will allow you to visit both.

Bisti Badlands detail photos

Bisti Badlands Alien Landscapes