Albuquerque New Mexico Wedding Photography Alex & Chantal

An outdoor wedding bride photo in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jason photographs weddings??

I do not often photographs weddings anymore, though I photographed dozens in the beginning of my photography career. In fact, this was only the second wedding I have photographed since 2013! This was a special occasion, however, as networking friend Alex called me up and asked if I could photograph his wedding with just a little bit of short notice (a day!). I was not traveling for rural land photography that Saturday so I said I could do it and would be glad to!

Softbox vs the Sun

It was an outdoor wedding in southeast Albuquerque. The weather was not too chilly and the sun was out, so I got busy upon arriving making photos of Chantal getting ready, guests arriving, the rings, then the ceremony and then I really wanted to get some off camera lighting out to make some great portraits of the newlyweds and overcome the harsh afternoon sunlight. Thanks to help from a family friend holding my big 36” Cheetahstand RiceBowl softbox, I was able to get some formal shots of them with soft lighting, as you can see above! Thank you Alex for thinking of me for your wedding and thank you Chantal for being so great in the photos! Congrats to you both!

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