25 Headshots with Engineers in Albuquerque New Mexico

Everyone looks like they are on the same team because of consistent, professional headshots

Engineer Headshots for all 25 at WSP

Another business here in Albuquerque, New Mexico knows the value of having uniform, professional business headshots for the entire team. WSP wanted me to get headshots of all the engineers that work in the Albuquerque, New Mexico office so that they all had a consistent look, but allowed for each person’s personality to still shine through. So some people preferred to be a little to the left, some a little to the right, some smiled, some did not. Regardless of these individual expressions, no doubt looking at all the headshots together, you can tell they are on the same team. This is something I really want to help all businesses with, showing that everyone is on the same team by having consistent, professional looking headshots from the owner to the newest hired person. This is the right impression to give to clients and customers!

As you can see in the BTS shot below, I was working in a very small space! This was not even the typical conference room I am given to setup in. It was their ping pong room! Still, my mobile studio setup is very flexible and as you can see in the above headshots, they look just like they were made here in the JCP Home Studio.

Yours truly in the BTS shot!