2017 Ford GT Supercar at 2018 New Mexico Auto Show

The 2017 Ford GT has a lot of presence, even on carpet under fluorescent lights at the 2018 New Mexico Auto Show

At the 2018 New Mexico International Auto Show, there really was only one star, and there was not even a close second -- it was the 2017 Ford GT.  Placed right inside the main entrance to the entire exhibit space in the Albuquerque Convention Center, there was the Ford GT in a beautiful silver-gray color.  I had not seen it in person before of course, as it is a very rare car and the limited run is still being produced.  In photos I had not cared for the frog-like appearance of the front fascia on this supercar.  It looks much better in person, and the 3/4 view, as pictured above, revealing the extreme aero and duct work make for a truly stunning appearance.  If you dare park a Ford GT on the street, it will attract massive amounts of attention!  

One thing though, how they do not put the Ford logo on the new Mustang, going with a GT or some other kind of logo, especially for the front emblem, would add to this vehicle's mystique.  I guess Ford could not pass up the branding opportunity of having the blue oval on the hood of a machine like this.