1-on-1 Sony A390 DSLR Photography Lesson in St. Petersburg Florida with Josh

Josh focusing his Sony A390 DSLR during our 1-on-1 photography lesson in St. Petersburg FloridaJosh received a gift certificate from his wife for a 1-on-1 DSLR Photography Lesson which he cashed in this past Saturday.  I met him in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida on a fine spring morning.  It was my first time to get hands on with the Sony A390 DSLR.  Josh had been using it mostly on auto-modes and as happens with such exposure modes was not getting consistent results.  From the start of our 2-hour photography lesson I had him shooting in manual mode to start to take control over his images and be able to get well exposed and sharp shots in any shooting conditions.

There are many things to learn about DSLR photography, from just very practical things like how to safely and properly change lenses.  Then there is how to review images accurately in the field and also how to simply hold a DSLR in the most stable position.  I teach all these things in addition to how to use make a photograph in manual mode.  We also packed in how to control depth of field (DoF) and how to make portraits in the shade.  It was a photography knowledge filled lesson!