Canon 50D & 430EX II Speedlight 1-on-1 Photography Lesson with Ariel in St. Petersburg Florida

Ariel photographing graduating senior Chelsea jump off a bench in North Straub ParkI met Ariel for our third of four 1-on-1 DSLR Photography Lessons in downtown St. Petersburg again, but this time she brought along a friend's daughter to be her model for practicing how to use a speedlight.  Chelsea was great and very patient as we setup different shots using both long and wide lenses.  We used several spots around North Straub Park sometimes featuring Chelsea playing her guitar and another as you can see above with her jumping high off a park bench!

I had Ariel using her Canon 430EX II Speedlight in manual mode mostly at 1/4 power, the same setting I use my own Nikon speedlights at so that multiple shots at once can be taken.  If full power or even 1/2 power were used, the 430EX II probably would not be able to recylcle fast enough and would just not fire by the second or third shots.  Using about 1/4 power allows for three shots in a burst, necessary for jumping shots like the one pictured above.

I look forward to working more with lighting in my fourth lesson with Ariel coming up soon!