Canon DSLR Photography Lesson in downtown St. Petersburg Florida with Christina & Chris

Christina practicing photographing a moving subject (Chris) during our DSLR photography lesson in downtown St. Petersburg FloridaThere was a "snowfest" and parade happening in downtown St. Petersburg Florida during a Canon DSLR Photography Lesson with Christina and Chris, but the weather could not have been warmer for a December day.  In fact, there was a woman in a bikini sunbathing right in front of the parade route and just a block over from where kids were sliding down a small hill of surely not long to last snow.  C & C had similar Canon DSLRs and were looking to learn how to make better photographs, which led to them finding me and coming up from Sarasota for the lesson.  They said they could not find anyone in the Sarasota area, and to my knowledge I am the only full-time professional photographer that offers 1-on-1 photography lessons in the field.  I have taught well over 300 lessons to date!

Chris had done a good bit of reading about photography and knew some about my 5-step process for making a sharp and well exposed photograph in any shooting conditions.  What books do not tell, or do not make that clear, is the exact process to use in the field to get the exposure you want when shooting in manual mode.  Photography is a creative art, but there exists an exact process for at the least getting the exposure correctly . . . composition, that is something else!

It was a nice change to teach two people instead of the usual 1-on-1 lesson, most of all because it means one of them could be the subject for practicing photographing action on! (see photo above)  I look forward to seeing their improved photography results now that they know how to properly shoot in manual mode and can focus more on being creative.