Morean Arts Center Intro to Photography Class Winter 2013

Practicing using the meter and reading the histogram at my winter 2013 Morean Arts Center photo classLast week I started teaching a new intro to DSLR photography class at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.  For the winter class I have five students, up one from the fall class!  It is a diverse group of people though most have pretty much the same photography experience level.  In the first two classes I have spent much of the time teaching each student how to use her/his specific DSLR and getting them all setup and on the same page with being able to change all five settings necessary for making a well exposed and sharp shot in any given shooting conditions.  

We have now moved on to learning how to use the meter to get a pretty good idea of exposure before pushing the shutter, and then how to read the histogram to understand the exposure exactly after pressing the shutter.  One student volunteers to be the subject while the others practice.  The classroom has white walls and a dark gray wall making for two distinct backgrounds for portraits.  

For the third class I think we will be ready to venture outside and make some shots in the field!