Architecture Photography Lesson in St. Petersburg Florida with Chris

Chris composes an architecture shot with her Nikon D90 on her Induro CT214 tripod in St. PetersburgThis was my fourth of four 1-on-1 DSLR Photography Lessons with Chris in downtown St. Petersburg.  This time we focused on architecture shots and made use again of her awesome new Induro CT214 tripod.  A tripod can be an unwieldy thing, and just like any other piece of photography gear, the mechanics of how to use it need to be learned and honed so that excess time setting up the tripod does not start to cause one to miss shots, or even worse make one want to just leave the dang tripod at home!  Thankfully, the leglocks on the Induro CT214 are as smooth as butter and can be loosened and tightened with just about only a 3/4th twist.

Chris used her Nikon D90 in manual mode the entire time naturally as the meter did not often suggest the exposure we actually wanted when shooting in the late morning sunlight.  Through a process of getting the tripod in place, composing the shot and locking in the best exposure settings Chris learned that photographing an entire building is not often the most ideal architecture shot, where shooting only a portion of the structure can lead to a more creative final image.  

Chris has two trips coming up over the next few months and will soon be able to put all she learned in our eight hours of 1-on-1 instruction to great use and I really look forward to seeing her photographs!