Behind the scenes at my Morean Arts Center photography class in St. Petersburg Florida

The four ladies of my Tuesday morning photography class at Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.Last Tuesday I began my first ever classroom teaching of photography at the Morean Arts Center in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida (see Morean's full list of classes offered).  Before that I had taught hundreds of 1-on-1 photography lessons out in the field, very close to where Morean is actually.  I was not sure how it would be to teach photography from a mostly indoor setting and also to a group instead of an individual, but as of the second class today I am pleased to see that it is going surprisingly well.  We were able to do quite a bit of practice shooting from right inside the classroom today, which was good as it was raining a portion of our lesson time.  

The classroom covered in photographer gear and notes!The four ladies taking the class always have relevant questions to ask so having a whiteboard is very useful for getting into camera setting details as you can see in the above photo.  On the whiteboard is my five step process for shooting in manual exposure mode along with some suggested indoor settings.  Next week I think we will venture outside more, weather permitting as everyone is getting a good grasp on the ergonomics of using their DSLRs and how the process works for getting a good exposure in any given lighting condition.