DSLR Photography Lesson with Natasha at The Pier St. Petersburg

Natasha photographing airplanes taking off from The Pier during our 4th of 4 DSLR Photography LessonsIt had been over two months since Natasha took her third of four DSLR Photography Lessons.  I was pleased to learn though that she had been practicing and had not forgotten anything as we took our fourth lesson this morning out at The Pier.  Our mission for the day was to photograph pelicans in flight.  Thankfully, four pelicans were regular diving for food right at the edge of a lower dock area of The Pier that even provided Natasha and I a bit of shade.  The poor minnows were getting attacked from above by the pelicans and from below by larger fish.  I wonder how they deal with that kind of stress?  

Since the pelicans were mostly flying in a compact area, it was even more challenging to track them due to the limited flight distances between perch and prey.  I advised Natasha to hold the view finder just below her eye and use the barrel of the lens as a sight for tracking the birds and once in range you can then put your eye into the view finder and the bird should already be well framed making it possible to track the bird's flight path from within the view finder.  

I have enjoyed my lessons with Natasha, but as she is moving from the area I will only be able to see her future photography progression from online sources.  Good luck Natasha!

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