DSLR Photography Lesson with Holly and her Canon XT in St Petersburg Florida

Holly is eager to learn how to use her Canon XT better and eliminate blurry photos!

Last week Holly called me, as many people have, to say she has a DSLR, but has only been using it in auto-mode.  This is of course a tragedy that can easily be remedied with my DSLR Photography Lessons.  In fact, Holly signed up for the discounted 4-pack of lessons.  This morning was the first of those four.

She bought a used Canon XT a little while ago, but as mentioned above was only using it in auto-mode and not getting consistently sharp images.  I started the lesson by showing her step by step how to change the settings necessary for getting off auto-mode.  I also explained a few common photography terms and how they relate to certain types of shots.  With just a little bit of knowledge about aperture, ISO, WB and focus modes, one can begin to take control over the camera and thus take control over the outcome of one's photographs . . . and a DSLR wants to be controlled, it does not want to use its own brain. 

Holly and I covered a lot of ground in downtown St. Petersburg with practice in both Vinoy Park and North Straub Park.  This first lesson of four was a very broad lesson showing how to do a general range of photography.  Each successive lesson will be more focused on a specific photography area.  My goal is to get Holly totally prepared for making great photographs indoors and out before she visits Washington DC in July.  

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