Patrick's Bayside Grill St. Pete Beach Commercial Restaurant Photography

Patrick's Bayside Grill of St. Pete Beach owner Patrick Abulone - commercial restaurant photographyI went on assignment this morning for OceanFront Magazine to Patrick's Bayside Grill of St. Pete Beach to photography the eponymous owner and his restaurant.  Having never been to this restaurant I did not know what to expect, but as always I arrive prepared for whatever shooting conditions there might be.  The place was cozy and not yet open for business, so I had just enough room to shoot with my preferred portrait lens, the Nikkor AF ED 80-200mm f/2.8D (above shot).  

Patrick's Bayside Grill interior - 5-bracket HDR - Commercial Restaurant Photography St. PetersburgOne interesting piece decorating Patrick's Bayside Grill can be seen under the left-most TV in the above shot, an eye exam chart.  Patrick told me it was given to the restaurant by a friend of his, a former eye doctor.  I bet it is a great conversation piece and has no doubt resulted in many boastful challenges of eyesight prowess.  

Patrick's Bayside Grill - 5-bracket HDR - Commercial Restaurant Photography St. Petersburg BeachThe parking lot is not large and has some peculiar angles, so if you do not have to drive the Chevy Suburban there I would consider taking a smaller vehicle.  Patrick is also a real estate agent so perhaps I will see him again soon to photograph some of his listings.