Canon XS DSLR Photography Lesson at The Pier St. Petersburg Florida with Suzanne

Suzanne at The Pier in St. Petersburg chooses pelican or egret for her next shot on our second DSLR photography lesson.It seems Suzanne and I only meet for DSLR Photography Lessons on holidays!  Our first lesson together was right on Halloween evening, and today's second of four was on Christmas Eve, Eve.  By this reckoning I predict our next lesson might be on Groundhog's Day perhaps!  It was another exceptionally warm December day in Florida, some 10F above what is "normal" for this time of year.  Suzanne wisely wore her hat, I should of as well.  

For this second DSLR Photography Lesson Suzanne said she wanted to practice making scenic shots.  Meeting at our usual spot on Beach Drive in downtown St. Petersburg, we made our way out to The Pier for that purpose.  We began by reviewing the four basic settings that need to be correct in order to make a properly exposed and in focus shot as we walked out to The Pier.  She showed me some of her recent San Francisco trip photos that did not come out as well as she would have liked, so the first order of business was to show her how using different settings would have helped those shots.  

We ended with some bird photography which cannot be helped on any trip to The Pier as all the sea birds there are practically posing to be photographed.  For our third lesson, we will try to capture the birds in flight, a challenging photography skill.