Off Camera Flash Strobist Beach Portrait Photography Lesson Florida

Jasmina practicing off camera flash with a single strobe on Sunset Beach, Treasure Island, FloridaIt was bright and sunny an hour before my lesson with new DSLR Photography Lesson student, Jasmina.  She called me to see if the lesson was still on because it was raining where she was to the south.  I said it's all sunshine here and it was so right up to the start of our lesson.  Then the clouds began rolling in, but no rain at all so it was just a bit chilly on the beach as I began showing Jasmina my off camera flash and strobist techniques for making beach portraits.

She brought a willing model with her which was great news for me because this meant I did not have to be both model and teacher!  Actually, I did have one role in addition to teacaher, and that was human light stand.  We used Jasmina's Nikon SB-900 Speedlight for single strobe technique at first, but added one of my own strobes to show the benefit having two lights sources has.  

It was a fun and intereting lesson for me as I do not often get to teach strobist stuff, which is one of my favorite types of photography.  I look forward to seeing Jasmina's future off camera flash portraits on the beach and off.