Nikon D50 DSLR Photography Lesson with Sunil in St. Petersburg Florida

Sunil photographs egrets during our downtown St. Petersburg Florida DSLR Photography LessonNew DSLR Photography Lesson student Sunil was referred to me by Alok, who took his lesson back in September . . . thank you Alok!  This was also my first mid-afternoon lesson time since the spring, but the fall weather we had a few days ago disappeared and it was not very fall like afterall today.  Sunil has a Nikon D50 and a bag full of lenses.  He has photography vocabulary knowledge, and knows how to adjust the necessary settings on his DSLR, but wanted to learn how to tie it all together when using manual mode, especially.  

Despite Sunil's experience I still taught my tried and true methodology for making a photograph, starting with setting aperture, then shutter speed (when using manual mode), followed by ISO, WB and focus mode.  Through this process more things about photography were revealed that Sunil said you cannot learn no matter how many online photography videos you watch.  I of course agree, that there is nothing like a 1-on-1 lesson in the field because it provides instant feedback about the exact shooting situation you are in.  

Sunil bought my discounted 4-pack of lessons and wants to take them all this week as he is on vacation.  We will meet again tomorrow for a night photography lesson out on The Pier.