Photography Tip -- photograph your friends

Nothing like a candid photograph of your best friends - Nikon D300 with Tamron 17-50mm @ f/2.8 ISO 1250 1/60th ambient lightI had not seen Rick (on left) in over ten years.  Terry (on right) is once again only about a city and a half away, though for most of the past ten years I was on the other side of the Pacific from him.  So this August marked a mini-reunion a long time coming.  Terry is by far my oldest friend, since the 7th grade.  I have known Rick since the 10th grade.  Few things are more valuable than childhood friends.  

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP:  photograph your friends acting how you remember them

On our one evening mini-reunion I met Rick's family for the first time, then just Terry, Rick and I went out and tossed the frisbee in a park in downtown St. Petersburg before ultimately ending up in a Denny's.  Back in our day (1990-1992), we used to frequent Perkins and became known for leaving messages spelled with silverware & $2 dollar tips.  The tip was better this time and there was not enough silverware on the table left for any message.  

I had my DSLR with me of course and used an assortment of lenses while we were seated.  It turned out my wide angle lens produced my favorite image of the night.  I have this photograph residing on my desk printed and mounted right now.  I believe it to be the first photograph of all three of us together since we took a group portrait together our senior year in high school, along with two other friends.  Shocking isn't it?  Now in the digital photography world I am sure the average high school student will graduate with thousands of photos of themselves with their friends.  

Still, I am happy just to have the above photo and our high school group shot (residing on a shelf behind me right now).  This way, my memory will never fade of my best friends. 

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