Old Florida Trailer Black & White HDR

Nikon D300 with Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 @ f/11 ISO 200 9-bracket HDR on tripod

Montana might be called Big Sky Country, but one could not be blamed for thinking it was Florida's.  Half the state is utterly flat with a lack of tall buildings.  I saw this old trailer just sitting along the edge of a wide open field.  The large puffy clouds with dark bellies are typical of a spring, summer or fall Florida afternoon sky.  Such skies are one of the most beautiful features of Florida.  The ability to stand out in the open and have a 180 degree view, from one edge of the horizon to the other, tells me I am back in Florida, and it is good.  No barriers to thought under such skies, day, and especially night.  Many places in Florida give you clean and direct access to the Universe.