Well wishes for all oil coated brown pelicans

BP did what?? For 50+ days??

I did not know that brown pelicans were just recently an endangered species.  Having grown up in Florida and seen these large birds all over the place in plentiful numbers, I just never imagined they could disappear forever.  Not until I read Scott Bourne's recent post about brown pelicans, the BP oil spill and the importance of photography did I know that.  

Being a person who is committed to not causing harm to any animal for any reason, it causes me great pain to see the oil covered birds, turtles, hermit crabs and all other creatures in the effected Gulf of Mexico coastal areas.  The oil spill is truly a crime against Nature.  

If only I could scratch my own back so well as this brown pelican canSo whenever I see a brown pelican now I will look upon it with a new respect and think, as Scott wrote, this could be the last photograph ever taken of this species.  Take care my friends.