Snell Isle Series - 001 - "Eyebrow Cloud Sunset HDR"

Nikon D300 Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 @ f/11 ISO 200 9-bracket HDRThough I live in one of the nicer areas of St. Petersburg, I have photographed it very little in the 14 months I have lived here.  So this gave me an idea for another photography series simply titled Snell Isle Series.  The photographs I have made, like the one above, have mostly been from the area behind my back patio.  In fact I have made similar shots to this one in the past (a, b, c).

So now I plan on taking more than ten steps to photograph Snell Isle.  I am looking forward to going to this personal photography project taking me to local areas I might never visit otherwise.  I may even do a lot of shooting by bike as I can be more mobile that way and less hesitant to stop the car to get a shot, I can just hop out of the saddle.  

From May through July the sunsets over Smacks Bayou can be pretty outstanding.  I definitely feel lucky to be able to gaze upon them every evening, but then luck has little to do with it as I always try and choose a place to live that has a sunset view from it.  I last lived in Tokyo for six years before moving back to Florida, and in Tokyo I had exceptional views of the sunset over the western part of the city year round.  

I look forward to continuing this series and making it as diverse as possible.