Jason's new headshot with Nikon D300

Finally, a kind of photographer's stereotype headshot for me.

I have few photographs of myself, at least not many "headshot" or "portfolio" type shots of myself.  I have shots of me jumping across a canyon, hanging out in the French Quarter, hanging out with some kids in Cambodia, jumping off boulder in New Mexico, hanging out in Chinatown in San Francisco, crossing half-tree bridges, jumping off more boulders in Korea, hanging out with hipsters in Korea, and even me skimboarding in Japan.  The above is my first stereotypical photographer's headshot, i.e. some dude holding a camera.  

This was just a quick attempt made on my back patio with some help from f8 Consortium colleague and friend Marc, who took the shot.

Which era Jason do you like best?  Let me know in the comments below.