Bay Area Militaria Collectibles HDR interiors

Bay Area Militaria Antiques & Collectibles, quite the unique shop on Central Ave - 9-bracket HDR f/11 ISO 200

This shop was in my mental queue to photograph for quite some time.  It is right next door to Raw Vibes, the gallery/dance/performance studio where I had my haikyo photography exhibition in November.  After finishing up shooting the interior of Raw Vibes for owner Laly, I asked the owner of the militaria, who was as usual sitting in a chair in front of his shop, if I could take a few quick photos of the inside of his place.  After a little hesitation he said go ahead.  

The next time I visit I want to take a more careful look around - 9-bracket HDR f/11 ISO 200

I was already setup to shoot HDR, so I made quick work of these shots, pausing only to find the best composition to fully show the shop in just two vantage points.  The HDR method allowed me to get the exterior window and interior collectibles exposed properly, otherwise I would have had to of chosen one or the other.  

I do not know if I will push my luck and ask to shoot inside again, but maybe once the owner sees these images he will be happy to have me return.