Selected for an HDR exhibition at the St. Petersburg Museum of History

The Mirror Lake Library HDR shot I submitted for the exhibition.Late last year I agreed to participate in a photography project for the St. Petersburg Museum of History.  I was intrigued by the idea for the project:  making HDR image replicas of historical photographs of various Saint Petersburg landmarks and buildings.  My HDR image of the Mirror Lake Library was selected as one of the thirty-two HDR images for the exhibition.  I was honored and thankful to be chosen, even though my own feelings about my image find it to be only a so-so shot.  

The turnout for the exhibition was huge, relatively.  Certainly much larger than for my own solo haikyo exhibition last year.  There was a free buffet table with really great punch and very good cookies as well, in ample quantities no less!  This made the night a win for me automatically!  Of course it was nice to talk with the other photographers and guests who came to see the exhibition.  I tried my best to explain how an HDR image is produced and how this process comes to make the final product they were seeing on the walls.  It found no up turned noses to HDR as a technique amongst the crowd, which I must say I was a little surprised at.  I know HDR does not appeal to everyone.

Thanks to Velva and everyone else who put a lot of time and effort into organizing this exhibition and to everyone who came out to see the images and make the night a very fun social event.  

The exhibition will be open for several weeks.  More information on the events page of the St. Petersburg History Museum.

My photograph is the one on the left, with the original historical image below it (sorry for the poor video camera snapshot, I took the night off from being an event photographer)