Gallery & Art Performance Space Promotional Portraits

Local art scene friend Laly wanted some promotional shots of her to rebrand Raw Vibes

It is always nice when I can work with friends, so when Laly called me up asking if I could make some promotional shots of her inside Raw Vibes for some rebranding she wanted to do, I said, "I'd love to!" She did not want static, posed shots of her just sitting in her art performance space/gallery or anything like that, which was fine with me as I like to specialize in candid style and putting the person in motion makes for an interesting creative and technical photography challenge.  

This promotional shot of Laly mirrors the curve and flow of the image she wants to put forth for Raw Vibes

To make these shots I put my Nikon SB-600 Speedlight on my light stand at its max height of 9' above and to frame left.  I shot with my Nikon D300 using my Nikkor 105mm VR micro lens from way on the other side of the gallery/performance space triggering the strobe in commander mode.  I used aperture priority mode / f8 / 1/60th / ISO 200 / SB-600 @ -0.3 (about)

The challenge was to catch Laly in just the right frozen motion as she danced herself into the candid pose.  She described to me earlier what she envisioned for the shot and I concentrated on waiting for that exact moment and after quite a few tries, I was able to frame everything right and capture Laly at full extension.  It always feels good going from idea to actuality in photography.