5-Minute Model Shoot - Nicole "Daydream"

Model: Nicole, friend of the Lighten Up and Shoot crew

Nicole was the model the Lighten Up and Shoot guys brought for the meetup yesterday.  As the turnout was quite large, she was naturally surrounded by photographers from the get go.  I am not into squeezing in amongst 20 other lenses.  I cannot photograph that way, so at first I just listened to Mike's wisdom on manual settings for off camera flash.  Later on I saw that Nicole was off by herself.  I asked her if she would not mind posing for a few (more) shots.  Being very professional she just immediately started into some great poses.  The above image was made in between poses and gave me a post-production theme of "daydream" for this set of photographs.  Of course on a regular model shoot I would have a theme locked in beforehand, and would have lots more time than just five minutes, and two other photographers would not be trying to trigger my speedlight as well.  So all things considered, I am pleased with the results Nicole and I were able to produce in such conditions, and I definitely hope to be able to work with her again.

The daydream continues . . . I really like how Nicole (or the MUA) applied her eye shadow.


I love working with models like Nicole that just go into poses naturally.


I was trying to make use of the strong backlight from the sun, and applied a bleach bypass filter. Do you think it works, or not?

Thanks again to Nicole for being a great model for so many yesterday.