War Veterans Memorial Park Pinellas County Florida

At low tide War Veterans' Memorial Park has some shoreline to explore or wade in.Closing in on nearly two years of living in Pinellas County, Florida, I can still easily find great new county parks to visit.  One recent Saturday afternoon Kiki and I visited War Veteran's Memorial Park located right at the tip of Boca Ciega Bay.  The park is not overly large, but there are enough waterfront paths and shoreline areas for a leisurely hour-long walk.  The inland trails did not look that appealing, so a longer trek is available in the park, but the big attraction are the panoramic views of the water.  One pavilion in particular was out on its own small peninsula making it the single best outdoor family party spot I've seen in any area park.  

It took several attempts to get this tank shot in focus as Kiki was pulling hard wanting to get walking!

One does not expect to wander through the woods and see a tank, even in a war memorial park, but it was an interesting surprise to find.  Kiki had no such interest so I could not get that close of a look at it without feeling like I was pulling a 60-pound tank of my own.  

A huge equatorial sundial made of solid granite is the park's main attraction.The bay views and the tank, neither are intended to be the focal point of the park.  A huge granite sundial is.  I was really impressed by it for some reason.  It looked really solid, and strong, like it had a very important purpose.  Perhaps even resembling something from ancient times when answers were distinctly more analog and tangible than the digital ones of today.

This is a Pinellas County park I will definitely visit again due to its combination of the usual Florida nature offerings with a strong sense of history. 

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