IronKids National Championship 2010 St. Petersburg Florida

Lots of good vendors at IronKids National Championship 2010 St. Petersburg -- iPhone 4 HDR modeIt had been a while since I photographed sports, a type of photography that is very fun, exciting and challenging to shoot.  I recently became a freelance sports photographer for ASI (Action Sports International) and the 2010 IronKids National Championship right here in St. Petersburg was my first gig with them.  I had a good first experience with ASI, though I used their memory cards and have not seen any of the fruit of my labor (hence only the shoddy iPhone 4 photo above).  It was a very strange experience to come home after 9! hours of shooting and not be able to see a single image.  It seems I can make a request to have some of my photos and I will definitely be following up on that.  I took over 2,000 shots after all!

Things I learned from shooting my first triathlon: 

  • I did not know how to spell triathlon before
  • having both parents as triathletes tends to produce a winning triathlete son/daughter
  • standing in the middle of the road with kids whizzing by on road bikes on both sides does not phase me
  • your monopod is really your best photography friend 

I get my next triathlon photography chance on November 13th in Clearwater for the Foster Grant Ironman World Championship 70.3.