Karen & James Beach Wedding at Sand Key Florida

Sunset wedding portrait using a 2-strobe setup on Sand Key Beach FloridaKaren and James had perfectly clear western skies for their beach wedding at Sand Key.  Such conditions are actually rare.  It is not often the sun can be seen all the way down to the horizon for a Gulf of Mexico sunset.  

Another 2-strobe setup facing the opposite direction on Sand Key FloridaHowever, turning around to the east offered an entirely different sky.  As usually happens in late summer, storms roll in from the hotter inland parts of Florida, sometimes reaching the coast.  We were fortunate this time as we got the benefit of having the dramatic storms clouds as a portrait background, but with none of the rain!

Humor and glamour abound with Karen's daughtersLast night I came up with a new mathematical photography formula:

wedding portrait (constant) + children (variable) = unknown

Often it is these types of images that get the most feedback and comments from everyone!  I believe in 20 years, this type of photograph will produce the most reaction still.