Photo Story: Cotton Candy Man

If you job is selling cotton candy at parades, how can you not smile?

When I lived in Japan I was often asked what my favorite food was.  I always answered straight-faced:  watagashi -- which is the Japanese word for cotton candy.  I was only half joking.  It is definitely my favorite candy.  I like the texture, a texture truly fitting its name.  I also like the texture when you squish and roll up a wisp of cotton candy, which makes it hard and almost crunchy.

I photographed this cotton candy vendor while waiting for a parade to begin in downtown St. Petersburg.  I was surprised to draw his attention from across the street as I photographed him using my Nikkor AF ED 80-200mm f/2.8 D lens at the full 200mm length.  Him looking into the lens and smiling I think greatly improves what otherwise would have been an anonymous street photography shot.

Cotton candy is a ludicrous $500 ($5) in Tokyo.  I was disappointed to see that it is still expensive ($3) even in the U.S.  However, no matter what the price, this time, like most times, I could not stop myself from buying a bag.  I prefer pink over blue in case you ever wanted to ever surprise me with some.