2010 Mercedes Benz S-550 photo session

2010 Mercedes Benz S-550 at Riverwalk, Tampa

I've been advertising my Classic Car Photography package on and off for the past month and a half and got my first client from it two weeks ago.  There were several delays in finally doing the shoot, however.  The first scheduled time was rained out.  Then the next scheduled time was canceled by the client because he was assaulted and in the hospital!  When things did finally align we had good weather and very interesting skies.

The retiree-aged client was a long-time Mercedes owner.  This was his 4th or 5th Mercedes S-class and he was as giddy about it as a 16-year old getting his first car.  When observing his S-550's wide, round girth, he could not contain his excitement and gave out a "yeeeeah!"  I respected his enthusiasm.  I mean, if you own a $70k+ vehicle, you should feel that way about it.  

2010 Mercedes S-550 at University of Tampa

Many of my portrait photography sessions have been on the University of Tampa campus.  I found out that it's also a decent setting for car photography as well.  Now when I mentioned before that the client was very enthusiastic about his S-550 and the photo shoot in general, I mean he was really willing to do anything.  He gave me directions on which angles he wanted his S-550 shot from and with what backdrops.  He wanted an all grass footprint for his Mercedes to be photographed on and said he'd drive right into the middle of the lawn on the UT campus!  I told him that I did not feel comfortable with that because I use UT campus for a lot of my photography work and I did not fancy getting banned!  Still, he quickly backed up too much by "accident" ending up on enough grass to get an all-grass footprint shot (not pictured).  

2010 Mercedes Benz S-550 led grill lightsThe client was also very excited about the sweet LED grill lights in the 2010 S-550 model.  I have seen the exciting new Benz commercials lately and those LED grill lights had me wishing I had the minimum $50k lying around to rush to my nearest Mercedes dealership with.  Although our session did not last until dark, I tried to make due with the pre-sunset diminishing light levels to try and bring the LED lights out in an image for the client.  

This was a very satisfying photography job as I got to do something totally different and work with an enthusiastic client that ended up very satisfied with the photography product I provided.

Special for this client, I made not only all the images into iPhone sized wallpapers (standard in the car photography package), but also resized them to his exact laptop screen resolution.

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