Photo published in an AEON ESL textbook

A while back, a long while back, a representative from AEON sent me e-mail asking to use one of my photos in a yet to be published ESL textbook.  They had discovered my photo on flickr.  Of course no financial compensation for using the photo, but they did say I would get full credit.  So I said ok, go ahead and use it.  I requested a copy of the textbook once it was printed.  They said sure.

Well, since that time I had moved from Tokyo to Florida.  And in Florida I moved to a different address than I had originally given them.  In light of all that I was pleased to surprisingly received the finished ESL textbook in the mail!  My photo did not exactly get a full page spread, but it is one of only like five photos in the entire textbook and they gave not just a name credit, but my entire photography website URL (on the book's back page).  This is my second photograph to have published in print.  

This is the original photograph.