Treasure Island reflection shot critiqued by Scott Bourne!!

I was browsing from my iPhone which I do at least once daily, and to my great surprise I saw one of my own images right on the front page! It was quite a jolt of surprise and soon excitement!

Listen to Scott's critique:


Others on flickr offered their critiques and versions of the photo:

flickr users versions

A while back I submitted the above pictured photograph to the flickr group scottcritiques. I am honored that Scott chose to critique it as he is my favorite photographer and whose photography knowledge and advice I trust the most. We have actually been in communication before via personal e-mail and Twitter also, though most likely only I remember those exchanges. Back when he was running I offered a few suggestions on how to better implement WordPress comments and suggested adding gravatar support. Both suggestions he implemented! He holds a winter bird photography workshop nearby in the Ft. Myers area that I hope to attend some day. I own his book "88 Secrets to Selling and Publishing Your Photography." I respect his blunt opinions on all photography matters. I use and love Nik's Silver Efex Pro for making black and white images because of his praise for the app, and I will be buying a Drobo as soon as I can work it into my photography budget.

About the above photograph, before Scott's critique it dawned on me to crop out the crooked, gray sky.  I just never put the updated version onto flickr.  I will take all the other suggestions into consideration and post an updated version soon.

Thanks again to Scott Bourne and everyone else who took the time to post their versions of the photo.  The above image is one of my personal top 3 photographs I have ever made.