The 11th annual All Faiths HAT Tournament

This afternoon I went out to Walter P. Fuller Park to photograph a few of the games from the 11th annual All Faiths HAT Tournament.  For a mere $20 entry fee players got a t-shirt and a huge spread of food provided throughout the tourney, along with music over a proper PA system.  I was quite impressed. 

The games themselves were pretty organized with a few zone defenses seen, as well as a few Ho-O offenses called, if not exactly executed in a textbook manner.  The ability of players, as one might expect in a HAT tournament, varied widely.  Some players were laying out, others were somehwat mobility challenged.  However, the spirit of the games seemed to be quite high and appropriate for ultimate.  I heard cheers and chants, and saw high fives given to players who made mistakes on the walk back to receive the pull. 

PURCHASE action and candid photographs from the tourney