Candid Portrait Session - Bluest Baby Blue Eyes

Baby Chris during our candid portrait session in Tampa with the bluest of baby blue eyes.

It is usually the case that children are hard to keep in front of when trying to make candid photographs of them.  However, Baby Chris was the most (unknowingly?) cooperative baby boy that I have ever photographed.  As seen in the image above, he seemed almost mesmerized by my Nikkor 105mm VR micro lens.  I am pretty sure he never even blinked!

Having a ball during our candid portrait session in Tampa Florida

Baby Chris took a fancy to a large blue rubber ball, but not enough of one to take his eyes of the alienness of the macro lens I continued to photograph him with.  This allowed me to take my time more and concentrate on photographing his vivid blue eyes.

Baby Chris seems to be pondering the uncertain future of the world.

Eventually, though, Baby Chris started to look off into the distance, perhaps pondering the future, and as many of us have, he seemed to grow wary of such ponderings.  This did not last long though as his mother swooped in to pick him up in her arms.  This immediately cheered Baby Chris back up, so much so that he gave his mom a nice surprise--right on the nose!

 Baby Chris learning how to do the timeless "I got your nose" trick!