Christmas Holiday Lights in Downtown Saint Petersburg

Christmas light tunnel in downtown Saint Petersburg leads to Santa's lap!

Christmas in a warm weather place might be hard to make sense of.  I know to people who live in cold winter places it must be unimaginable to wear a t-shirt or go to the beach on Christmas Day, but I have done both.  It was a very balmy night in west central Florida this evening.  

It is my goal to put up a series of photographs that tell what it's like to spend Christmas and the holiday season in Florida, a warm winter place.  Maybe I can photograph Santa wearing shorts?  

No ice in Florida, however we do have glice!

For now I present a skating rink of glice.  From afar one might be convinced it was a true ice skating rink.  The sounds coming from the bladed feet of the skaters really did sound like shearing along on ice.  If I had any two point moving balance, I may have tried it out myself, but my balancing ability is limited to single objects (skimboards, skateboards) only.  

Glice is definitely the kind of word that sticks in your head.  Maybe because I'm trying to figure out what the "gl" part stands for....glice is half ice and half . . . . ?  Glue?  Let me know what you think it stands for in the comments below.  If you live in a warm winter place, let us know how you simulate cold weather holiday traditions.