Historic Roser Park Art Festival 2009

Historic Roser Park - a surprisingly nice area for an art festival.

I thought there were no hills south of Brookesville.  So it took me a minute to realize what exactly was different about the Historic Roser Park area of Saint Petersburg.  My eyes were focused on the stream at first, until a sign told me I was in a ravine.  I looked up and saw houses on hills, like San Francisco or somewhere like that.  This was enough for the art festival to be a win in my book.

Booths stretched down along a small stream and actually contained many unique items beyond the usual festival fare.

The festival was not crowded so we could amble in and out of booths at our ease.  There were several photographers with booths there.  I always like to check out the competition.  As always I thought, if I just had my own booth...but if there were any money to be made from having a booth then surely the best photographers in the area would have booths as well?

 These were ingenious crafts that can transform from a vase into a pretty women's hat! For $15 I was tempted to buy one.

Beyond the fine art on display were a good variety of crafts.  I always find myself very interested in crafts, but never quite buying any.  There were sculptured wooden bowls that could flatten by lowering their handles.  I was impressed with the craftsmanship.  

I first saw a living statue artist on a fell day in Zurich, Switzerland many years ago.

Not to spoil the secret, but under the heavy makeup is actually a friendly woman.  Aya gave her a dollar tip and got a handshake from her, as well as two lollipops and for me this photo chance.  She was good.  I could not see her ribs moving at all.  I would like to know what she thinks about to maintain her concentration?  Maybe nothing?  I should have tried to ask her.


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