Honeymoon Island State Park Candid Portrait Photography - Linda, Jerry, Zach & Kayden

We had a great candid portrait photography session on a blustery afternoon at Honeymoon Island State Park.

Linda was beginning to think it might be a lost cause, as our first scheduled candid portrait session was called off due to a passing hurricane and this second one was on a day with a 50% chance of showers.  Despite blustery conditions, the weather was very accommodating and we were able to have our portrait session at last.

Soaring through our candid beach photography session was Kayden, a very energetic child.

Besides the weather, the other unpredictable aspect of this session was young Kayden, who did not lack for energy or a desire to run and play in the sea.  In fact, he was so caught up in the beach that he was mostly oblivious to me shooting away.  This is great for my preferred candid style of photography, but also challenging to try and stay enough in front of him to include some of his face in the shots!  He was very quick.

Brothers having fun at the beach during our candid portrait photography session in the relatively warm Florida autumn.

Big brother Zach was great with Kayden, especially as seen above "helping" Kayden cross a large beach puddle.  It is not often I see such affection for a younger brother by an older brother as I did with Zach toward Kayden.  

Nothing like the beach for a natural playing environment for two Florida brothers.

For this shoot I mostly had to concentrate on finding a way to stay in front of the two fast moving brothers and avoid the errant shell throwing of toddler Kayden.  As can be seen above, his brother was not so lucky!

Just a beach portrait of the grandparents enjoying a moment of peace on the seaside.

While the kids attempted to rid their bodies of the sand covering most of their lower halves, I went with grandparents Linda and Jerry to make a portrait of just them amongst the tall beach grass that is so abundant on the beach at Honeymoon Island State Park.

No one was afraid to get a bit sandy in order to make a lasting family portrait that afternoon.

Can you tell who was playing in the sand and who wasn't in the above family portrait?  I had a great time during this candid beach portrait session and actually like very much the dramatic, gray, stormy skies.  Thank you again to Linda and her family for their business.