Free Desktop Calendar Wallpaper: Kinkakuji - The Golden Temple of Kyoto Japan

Free desktop calendar wallpaper for October 2009, Kinkakuji The Golden Temple of Kyoto Japan

Jason Collin Photography is offering the image "Kinkakuji - The Golden Temple of Kyoto Japan" as a free* desktop wallpaper calendar. If you use it as your desktop wallpaper, please let me know in the comments.






This image was made in Kyoto, Japan over New Years 2009.  We made sure we arrived just as the temple grounds opened at 9am, that way beating the crowd allowing me to photograph Kinkakuji in relative peace.  Also, the temple faces east, so the morning is the best chance to get sunlight to reflect off of the temple and heighten its gold look.  I was lucky in that there was a significant break in the clouds for me when I was shooting the temple.  As we left an hour later, clouds had completely taken over and anyone making a photograph of Kinkakuji then would not be shooting it at its full golden glow.  I felt lucky.

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